About supplementforhealthnow.com

 The goal for "supplementforlifenow" is to provide a proven system of using the complement of supplements and nutrition to aid in the maintenance of good health.  

Our mission is to offer a way to supplement individual diets with proven products to manage immune systems, digestion and general good internal and external health.  

About 4 years ago we began a journey to discover a way to manage and control Type 2 diabetes.  Only through trial and error with many different programs we discovered that supplementing nutrition had the best results.  So we decided to share our discoveries through the development of this website offering supplements for health now.  

Although neither of us are certified nutritionists or dietitians, we are real people dealing with a real disease which we feel is controllable.  

Although this site has not been running for very long, we have been using supplements for health for several years with proven results and now is the time we decided to share our discoveries.  

The prefered method of payment is PayPal and we offer high qualtiy products that will be shipped promptly after payment is received.  If you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.  

The best way to contact us is through this site by filling out Our Contact page or 24/7 at cell number 647-291-9297 with a voice mail system that will be answered in a timely manner.  

Our email contact is info@supplementforhealthnow.com, we welcome all suggestions and comments.  

So take a look and see how the products we offer can and will benefit your health now!!!